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Terms and Conditions

Membership Requirements :
Since C & L Trading is a wholesale supplier of beauty products and general merchandise, to be a C & L Trading customer you must meet the following conditions:
      1. Be a licensed beauty supply store or salon owner.
      2. Present C & L Trading a copy of your Re-sale Tax ID or Salon License.
      3. Provide a copy of a valid Driver´s License of any form of legal ID.

Minimum Orders:
As a wholesale distributor our company policy enforces a $200.00. Volume pricing is available upon request; minimum quantities may apply. Ask your sales representative for quotes when ordering in volume. Back Orders will not be shipped unless instructed by the customer; if approved, the merchandize will be shipped separately or along with their next order.

Initially we will charge 15% of the order amounts before the packing. After the packing is completed, the remaining balance plus the shipping freight will be charged.

Credit Card is required when a customer places an order on the internet. Only Visa and Master cards are acceptable at this time. To use other types of payment, customers required to contact the internet customer service department.

Please contact our customer service center @ 305-576-4785 and ask for the internet department (or dial ext 314) for the following payment options.

Western Union is available at a special rate of $20.00 for both domestic and international customers unless other arrangements are made.

Wire Transfers is available to both domestic and international customers. For domestic and international customers, a flat rate fee of $20.00 will be applied unless other arrangements are made.

COD Money Order/Check is available to only domestic customers and is accepted only after accounts are established and customers maintain good standing accounts with C & L Trading. Customers are required to contact the customer service department for the customer account adjustment to use COD Money Order as a payment. Returned checks or non-sufficient funds(NSF) checks are subject to $20.00 surcharge and company check priviledges may be revoked.

Order cancellation:
Orders canceled after packing will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

C&L Return Policy as of October 1st, 2011
  1. All return shipments must be accounted for as to the accuracy of the inventory being sent by the customers. IN ADDITION, YOU MUST RECEIVE AN RMA# FROM C & L AND NOTE IT IN THE RETURN DELIVERY. C & L Trading cannot be responsible for missing and/or damaged inventory, if the customer has signed-off on the contents of the return inventory on the invoice.
  2. For all missing and/or damaged merchandise, you must report the status to your Sales Representative and/or Company in writing within 7-days of the delivery. Any items not reported within the 7-day period will not receive credit. In addition, any damaged items must be returned to C & L to assure the credit. If the item is sold by the dozen, the merchandise must be returned in the same manner. All shipments must be checked for freight damages before acceptance from carrier and must be noted on the Bill of Lading. C &L Trading is not responsible for damages in transit when using 3rd party transport. It is the customers’ responsibility to notify the carrier for concealed damage claim when damages are found afterward.
  3. Any return merchandise must be complete in its original packaging, and C & L must receive the items within 15-days of delivery. If for any reason the merchandise cannot be returned to C & L within the time allowed, your Sales Representative and/or Company must be notified before the 15-days are over. (*For a trial item, the 15-day rule may not apply, depending upon independent terms and conditions established between you and your Sales Representative.)
  4. Upon receipt of the complete return merchandise, C & L will notify you with the decision no later than five (5) working days.
  5. Please keep in mind the Credit will not become effective unless the C & L Management formally approves the credit. If the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.), full credit will be issued to your C & L Trading account for the same value of the item(s). C & L will also pay the return shipping costs if applicable. If the return is not due to an error on the part of C & L, a 15% stocking fee will be deducted from credit issued and we are not responsible for the shipping costs. The Sales Representative is not responsible for making the final decision on credits. As a courtesy to our customers, at the sole discretion of C & L, the Sales Representative may take back any returns pending final approval. If for any reason, a credit is not issued, the merchandise will be returned to you.

Shipping and Freight:
Pickups: The customer may schedule to pick up merchandize directly from our warehouse.

Overseas shipments are to be handled by customers, USP and USPS Express mail services are available. Customers are free to arrange 3rd party shipping agents and C & L will deliver the customers' merchandize from its warehouse to the shipping company located in Miami area at no cost if the order is above $1000.00. If the order is under $1000.00 the customer must pay for UPS ground services to deliver merchandize from C & L's warehouse to shipping company or has the option to pick up the merchandize from our warehouse. Free or Half shipping directly to foreign locations are not available.
Domestic shipments are to be handled by the customer, and UPS, USPS Express mail and local trucking services are available unless the customers arrange 3rd party shipping agents.

Please take advantage of our free and half shipping offers.
Terms: half shipping - customers pay only half the shipping

Free/Half Shipping
Source Date: 10/01/2011
Half Shipping Min. Order $1000.00 $1500.00 $2000.00 $3000.00
Free Shipping Min. Order $1500.00 $2500.00 $3500.00 not avaiable
Area Florida Alabama
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota

1. Free or Half Shipping is not available to any other area that is not listed above.
2. Free or Half Shipping is not available for following items.
• Items: Creams and Soaps
Super Jumbo Braids, Yaki braids
Barrettes, Pony Holders
Foam heads, Krazy Glues
Display set
Monthly and special sale items
Not limited to the items listed here

• Brand: Adore, Bigen, High beams, Nicka K, NYX, Trim

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer service center @ 305-576-4785 and ask for the internet department.

UPS Delivery Map

*** We are not responsible for unintended errors. Please verify all information with any C & L        representatives.
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