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Manicure & Pedicure
Cosmetic Sponge & Brush
Cream, Soap & Lotion
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Barrette & Pony Holder
Fashion Accessory
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Belt & Evening Bag
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Bracelet & Bangle
Body Jewelry
Hair Accessory
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Evening Bag
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About Us

C & L has been the premier and trusted fashion and beauty supply partner to our customers for the past 16-years. As an importer, wholesaler and distributor, the Company has progressed into a prominent U.S. and international purveyor of fashion and beauty products with the lowest pricing.

For convenience and exceptional service to our Customers, the Company garners over 15,000 square feet showroom and 60,000 square feet warehouse. Purchasing opportunities through C & L are available in the following markets: all U.S. markets; international markets, especially in the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America; and via the internet.

We also offer Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.) and Direct Shipment to our Customers from our overseas based manufacturing facilities; in conjunction, volume discounts are readily available.

With numerous relationships built all around the world, our Customers and the reputation in the industry are our greatest assets.

We are truly grateful for our existing friendship with our Customers, and C & L looks forward to beginning a new partnership with You.

C & L is prepared to serve you with our utmost dedication and personalized service… whether in the U.S. or overseas.

For further inquiries, please contact our Sales Department at 1-305-576-4785.

Thank you.

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